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Welcome to Belinvestpharma, Belarus's premier pharmaceutical, food supplements, cosmetics & FMCG distribution company with a remarkable legacy of over 23 years.

As a leading company in the industry, we take pride in our extensive company owned network of over 80 pharmacies. Our retail pharmacy chains, Arnika-Lux, Placid, Ecomarket, & Unipharm, are strategically located in Belarus, providing convenient access to quality healthcare products.
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At Belinvestpharma, we are dedicated to empowering health and wellness by providing access to high-quality products that enhance the lives of our customers. We have established ourselves as the official wholesaler and importer for renowned brands like Dabur, Emami and Himalaya, offering an extensive range of trusted and sought-after products in Belarus. Our commitment to excellence has propelled us to the top 10 company in Belarus.

Our success is built upon a strong foundation, with our modern warehouse ensuring reliable storage and effective distribution. We go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations, delivering personalized services and tailored solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

As a company deeply rooted in ethical values, we prioritize transparency, integrity, trust and compliance in all our business activities. We believe in fostering long-lasting relationships, collaborating with partners, and continuously expanding our reach to contribute to the health and wellness of the community we serve.

Explore our range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic offerings, curated with utmost care and expertise. Join us on our journey as we continue to lead the way in bringing health and wellness to every doorstep, reaffirming our position as the trusted choice for all your healthcare and wellness products.

Discover Belinvestpharma — your trusted partner in Health and Wellness!

Our Core Values

Quality & Excellence

At Belinvestpharma we try hard in meeting customer needs, delivering products and services that meet specifications, expectations, and comply with regulatory standards with an internal drive to become the best.

Customer-Centric Approach

Placing our customers at the heart of everything we do, providing exceptional support and tailored solutions. Our customer is the focal point of all decisions related to delivering products and services.

Ethical Integrity

Upholding strong ethical values, transparency, trust, responsibility, honesty and integrity in all our business activities. At Belinvestpharma, good business begins with our commitment to the highest ethical and moral standards.

Expanding Horizons, Empowering Partnerships

BelinvestPharma Company Overview

Supported Companies

Exclusive Products

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Years in Belarus

Our core advantages

Why Choose BelinvestPharma

Extensive Channels

Strong Presence

Experienced Wholesaler

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Dedicated Support

Our Core Advantages

By partnering with Belinvestpharma, suppliers gain access to a team of professionals experienced in importing renowned brands. This expertise provides valuable guidance and support throughout the importation process, assisting suppliers in navigating regulatory requirements and market dynamics.

Extensive Market Reach and Logistics

Suppliers can tap into the company's extensive market reach, accessing both urban and rural areas, and expanding their product's presence in the market. With our focus on efficient logistics, we prioritize timely deliveries to pharmacies and retailers.

Strategic Retail Outlets

Our retail outlets provide valuable marketing opportunities. Through point-of-sale displays, promotional campaigns, and in-store branding, suppliers can effectively showcase their products and create strong brand awareness among consumers.

Official Wholesaler for Leading FMCG Brands

Belinvestpharma's status as the official wholesaler for leading FMCG brands like Dabur, Emami and Himalaya provides FMCG suppliers with an opportunity to align themselves with well-established and respected names in the industry.

Customer-Centric Approach

Belinvestpharma values long-term partnerships and fosters strong relationships with customers. We prioritize building trust, open communication, and collaboration, working hand-in-hand to achieve mutual growth and success over the long term.

Belinvestpharma Marketing

Marketing by BelinvestPharma

Dedicated Sales Representatives

With a dedicated team of marketing and sales representatives strategically positioned across the country, we can help you promote your brands and increase sales by ensuring maximum market coverage and customer engagement.

Brand Building and Development

With extensive experience in brand building and development, our marketing department helps elevate your brand's visibility and recognition. We can craft compelling brand strategies to enhance your brand equity and customer loyalty.

Sustained Growth and Higher Profits

Our marketing department is focused on delivering sustained growth and higher profits for our clients. By leveraging data-driven insights we can optimize marketing strategies to generate increased sales, revenue, and profitability over the long term.

Innovative Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing department excels at organizing and executing various marketing campaigns. From product launches and promotional events to digital marketing initiatives, we can create campaigns that capture attention and boost brand awareness.

Service Spectrum

BelinvestPharma Services

Product Registration

We offer pharmaceutical product registration, food Supplement registration, cosmetics registration & FMCG product registration in Belarus and other EAEU countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan & Armenia).

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Our Distribution service offers seamless logistics, extensive market coverage, efficient product delivery, ensuring your pharmaceutical, food supplements, cosmetics & FMCG products reach customers across Belarus with speed & reliability.


Driving brand growth through strategic marketing, personalized solutions, and exceptional customer service, delivering success in the competitive marketplace. We can support you with an experienced team of sales and marketing team

Government Tender

Our government tender service facilitates bulk purchases for hospitals & government pharmacies, ensuring streamlined tender participation and supply processes.


Through global sourcing, we import pharmaceutical, food supplements, cosmetics & FMCG products from around the world, ensuring a diverse range of options for the Belarusian market.

API Supplier

Our API Supply service enables your company to supply high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to local manufacturers in Belarus and other EAEU countries.

BelinvestPharma Retail Pharmacies

Unipharm LLC :: Retail Chain

  1. Юнифарм №1

    Колодищи, ул. Короткая, 8


  2. Юнифарм №1

    Молодечно, ул. Великий Гостинец, 75


  3. Юнифарм №2

    Жодино, ул. 50 лет Октября, 8-62


  4. Юнифарм №3

    Вилейка, ул. 17 Сентября, 29


  5. Юнифарм №4

    Минск-Ленинский, ул. Судмалиса, 16


  6. Юнифарм №5

    Барановичи, ул. Парковая, 37, ТД ДДМ, 2 этаж


  7. Юнифарм №6

    Минск-Фрунзенский, ул. Скрипникова, 11Б, пом. 2, мед. центр Кравира


  8. Юнифарм №7

    Минск-Ленинский, ул. Плеханова, 91


  9. Юнифарм №8

    Минск-Заводской, ул. Селицкого, 105


  10. Юнифарм №9

    Дзержинск, ул. Минская, 32


Unipharm LLC :: Retail Chain - Page 2

  1. Юнифарм №10

    Борисов, ул. Строителей, 26


  2. Юнифарм №11

    Минск-Советский, Логойский тр-т, 19, к. 1, пом. 1Н


  3. Юнифарм №13

    Солигорск, ул. Заслонова, 67Б


  4. Юнифарм №14

    Барановичи, ул. Советская, 102


  5. Юнифарм №15

    Колодищи, аг. Колодищи, 225


  6. Юнифарм №16

    Жодино, пр-т Ленина, 17, к. 3


  7. Юнифарм №17

    Солигорск, ул. Ленина, 15А


  8. Юнифарм №19

    Солигорск, пр-т Мира, 34, маг. Радуга


  9. Юнифарм №20

    Солигорск, пр-т Мира, 24, рядом с маг. Светлана, пом. 2


  10. Юнифарм №21

    Бобруйск, ул. Социалистическая, 78-6


Unipharm LLC :: Retail Chain - Page 3

  1. Юнифарм №22

    Бобруйск, ул. Ульяновская, 21, пом. 3


  2. Юнифарм №23

    Береза, ул. Октябрьская, 20, пом. 15


  3. Юнифарм №24

    Минск-Первомайский, ул. Калиновского, 55Г, пом. 7


  4. Юнифарм №25

    Борисов, ул. Чапаева, 11


  5. Юнифарм №26

    Минск-Московский, пр-т Дзержинского, 55


  6. Юнифарм №27

    Жодино, ул. Калиновского, 13-5


  7. Юнифарм №29

    Солигорск, ул. Железнодорожная, 16А


  8. Юнифарм №30

    Минск-Московский, пр-т Газеты Звязда, 55


  9. Юнифарм №31

    Дзержинск, пер. 1-й Ленинский, 5А-2


  10. Юнифарм №32

    Бобруйск, пл. Привокзальная, 4


Unipharm LLC :: Retail Chain - Page 4

  1. Юнифарм №33

    Бобруйск, ул. Урицкого, 129


  2. Юнифарм №34

    Бобруйск, пр-т Строителей, 59


  3. Юнифарм №35

    Барановичи, ул. Кирова, 102


  4. Юнифарм №36

    Брест, ул. Мицкевича, 19-17


  5. Юнифарм №37

    Минск-Центральный, пр-т Победителей, 45, мед. центр Кравира


  6. Юнифарм №38

    Молодечно, ул. Космонавтов, 1А


  7. Юнифарм №39

    Молодечно, ул. Притыцкого, 12-17


  8. Юнифарм №40

    Солигорск, ул. Ленина, 35А


  9. Юнифарм №41

    Брест, ул. Гоголя, 78-2


  10. Юнифарм №42

    Солигорск, ул. Ленинского Комсомола, 17, маг. Ландыш


  11. Юнифарм №44

    Минск-Партизанский, Связистов, 8


  12. Юнифарм №47

    Минск-Фрунзенский, ул. Янковского, 34-198


Arnika-Lux LLC :: Retail Chain

  1. Arnika-Lux №1

    Lida, ul. Rybinovskogo, 46


  2. Arnika-Lux №2

    Voronovo, ul. Sovetskaya, 35-4


  3. Arnika-Lux №3

    Lida, ul. Kosmonavtov, 14/1


  4. Arnika-Lux №5

    Lida, ul. Komsomol'skaya, 28, str.2


  5. Arnika-Lux №6

    Kobrin, ul. Suvorova, 3


  6. Arnika-Lux №10

    Lida, ul. Tukhachevskogo, 71-106


  7. Arnika-Lux №11

    Lida, ul. Kosmonavtov, 3


  8. Arnika-Lux №12

    Lida, ul. Mitskevicha, 33


  9. Arnika-Lux №13

    Lida, ul. Sovetskaya, 35A


  10. Arnika-Lux №14

    Grodno, ul. Pobedy, 34


Placid LLC :: Retail Chain

  1. Placid №1

    Минск-Фрунзенский, ул. Янки Мавра, 20


  2. Placid №2

    Минск-Советский, ул. Сурганова, 50, ТЦ Рига


  3. Placid №3

    Минск-Фрунзенский, пр-т Пушкина, 12А


  4. Placid №4

    Минск-Первомайский, ул. Калиновского, 66А-71, ТЦ Восток


  5. Placid №5

    Минск-Советский, ул. Мирошниченко, 55


  6. Placid №6

    Минск-Первомайский, ул. Платонова, 34


  7. Placid №7

    Столбцы, ул. Первомайская, 1


Ecomarket LLC :: Retail Chain

  1. Экомаркет №1

    Минск-Московский, ул. Ежи Гедройца, 12-2Н


  2. Экомаркет №1

    Минск-Московский, ул. Карла Либкнехта, 84/1-1Н


  3. Экомаркет №2

    Минск-Фрунзенский, ул. Пимена Панченко, 4


  4. Экомаркет №3

    Минск-Советский, ул. Сурганова, 50, ТЦ Рига, центральный вход


  5. Экомаркет №4

    Минск-Октябрьский, пер. Корженевского, 2А-1Н


  6. Экомаркет №4

    Бобруйск, ул. Октябрьская, 165-4, напротив рынка


  7. Экомаркет №5

    Волковыск, ул. Ленина, 5-2


  8. Экомаркет №6

    Минск-Заводской, пр-т Партизанский, 48, пом. 3Н


  9. Экомаркет №7

    Слуцк, ул. 14 Партизан, 86-1


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Frequently Asked Questions

Belinvestpharma specializes in: Pharmaceutical distribution, Food Supplement distribution, Cosmetic distribution and FMCG distribution in Belarus. We offer comprehensive solutions for brands looking to penetrate and thrive in the Belarusian and EAEU (Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan & Armenia) markets.

As a distributor our primary goal is to fulfill the existing market demands by ensuring product availability wherever it is required. However, companies looking to engage in “active” demand creation through a marketing and sales team can partner with Belinvestpharma and take advantage of the company’s existing infrastructure saving your company a huge amount of monthly fixed expenses like rent for representative office, salaries for head of representative office, accountant and other core office employees. You can also drastically reduce your sales team expenses by sharing the expense with Belinvestpharma.

Yes, we do! We can streamline your market entry with our comprehensive product registration services for pharmaceutical, food supplements, cosmetics and FMCG products in Belarus ensuring compliance.

Yes, we do! We offer product registration and market entry to Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU or EEU) countries which consist of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan & Armenia.

Yes, Belinvestpharma understands the importance of customized solutions and offers tailored distribution and marketing strategies to meet specific client requirements and objectives. We can appoint for you and manage a dedicated marketing and sales team in Belarus & other EAEU countries for additional payment.

Belinvestpharma's distribution network spans across various regions of Belarus. Through our partners in Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU or EEU) countries, we can distribute your products in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan & Armenia. We provide extensive market reach and efficient product delivery to pharmacies and retailers.

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